Hello internets,

You may have stumbled upon this accidentally, or on purpose. Either way, I thank you and I guess I should say hi. So, hey?

I’m a 26 year old teacher of EFL currently living in a small province in Spain. After many a conversation class with my students about British/American literature, or indeed any literature written in English, I decided to set up my own book group here on the webz.

You do not need to be a non-speaker, but those that are, will ideally be of an upper intermediate/advanced level. As time goes by, I hope to expand this to beginner and lower intermediate.

We will be reading books in English, and discussing the social/political/cultural ideas that arise, in any way we deem fit. Anything goes. I hate the idea of stuffy, pseudo-intellectual chat so if you want to do that, go for it but I can’t guarantee that I will understand you 😉

So, this is how it will work.

Each month, around the 5th, I will post that month’s book with a few possible topics for discussion. As you progress, feel free to post any queries, comments, ideas or opinions you may have. The whole idea of this is that we are in it together, and everybody speaks. If you don’t/can’t speak, that’s ok too. Arms around the world.

My whole aim is to help people feel more comfortable with reading in English. One thing I have noticed during my time as a teacher is that my students lack the confidence to tackle written English. They can speak it and understand it just fine, but need a little push to embrace what I feel is the most important part of the English language. The written word.

What makes me qualified to do this?

Well, I’ve been a teacher for nearly 5 years. Two of those spent teaching EFL. I have tutored students from age 3-65. I have helped English speakers and non-English speakers get a better grip on this thing we call a ‘global language’. God knows, it’s a tough one to learn. I did a degree in English literature, I have been published and I am currently writing a book. It won’t be a monthly choice on here, I promise.

Why do it?

To get more confident, more comfortable, to practice and to add another string to your bow. It’s win/win!

Why me?

I’m qualified to help you. Problems with grammar, vocabulary, sentences, phrases or concepts? I’m your chica.

So, good luck and happy reading. You have nothing to lose but the fear.